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Incline Village

Tree-Removal Service in Incline Village, Nevada

Do you want tree cutting, tree removal, or tree trimming services near Incline Village, Nevada, for your home or vacation home? Rockwood Inc. is here to help you. We are the original Rockwood full tree-removal service company servicing Reno and the north Lake Tahoe areas.

Benefits of Rockwood Inc.

Rockwood Inc. is a state-licensed contractor in Nevada and California, and we have operated in both states since 1993. With our extensive full tree-removal service expertise also comes a rich knowledge of correct processes and best practices. Our full tree-removal service includes:

  • Preventative tasks
  • BMP erosion control
  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Brush clearing
  • Defensible space management

Accidents and emergencies can happen in an instant, so we also offer anytime service for tree removal. We are driven by a desire to provide exceptional service to our customers, you can rest assured that when Rockwood Inc. is working, it will be a quality job.

Contact Us

For questions about hazardous tree maintenance, prevention, or tree removal, call Rockwood Inc. We can give you an estimate and get the process started. For the Reno area or north Lake Tahoe, NV, call (775) 832- 0777. If you are in north Lake Tahoe, CA, call us at (530) 546-7637.

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